M13 Globular Cluster


Another globular cluster from earlier in the year, this time m13 - the hercules globular cluster. At 145 light years across, the stars are more than a hundred times denser than in our part of space which would make for an incredible night sky! In 1974 the Arecibo radio telescope beamed a welcome message to m13 containing information about the human race including our dna. Given the distance it should arrive in about 22,000 years.

Tal-2 telescope 1200mm f/8

Heq5 mount

~2h exposure time in LRGB with a ZWO ASI1600mm

Processed with Astropixelprocessor and Pixinsight


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Mark Cheverton

Mark Cheverton

Sharing my exploration of deep sky astrophotography from my backyard in Cambridge UK.

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