Ngc7023 Iris Nebula


My first attempt at the iris nebula, a beautiful reflection nebula roughly 1300 light years from earth. I was pleased to capture some of the dark dust and bring that out, but I had some serious dirt on the sensor in the luminance layer. Hopefully get back to this one next year and get a cleaner run.

Tal-2 telescope 1200mm f/8

Heq5 mount

~9.5h exposure time in LRGB with a ZWO ASI1600mm

Processed with Astropixelprocessor, Pixinsight, and Photoshop


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Mark Cheverton

Mark Cheverton

Sharing my exploration of deep sky astrophotography from my backyard in Cambridge UK.

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Taken At Fri, Oct 30, 2020 7:28 PM


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