Ngc7635 Bubble Nebula


The Bubble Nebula, ngc7635, formed by the hot stellar wind of a massive young star blowing against the surrounding giant molecular cloud creating a glowing 7 light year wide bubble.

There was a lot of dew during capture as you can see from the blue halo around the star. When I saw that in the subs I was worried that there wouldn't be any good data in there, but the data emerged and I liked the way the blue halo contrasted with the red of the hydrogen alpha so I left it in.

Tal-2 telescope 1200mm f/8

Heq5 mount

~5.5h exposure time in LRHaGB with a ZWO ASI1600mm

Processed with Astropixelprocessor and Pixinsight


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Mark Cheverton

Mark Cheverton

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